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It all started with a simple question

What are we going to drink?

It was 2016, and we were in a bar in Geneva with a couple of friends. I still remember that moment very clearly. It was late afternoon, right after work, and I asked the group:
“Hey guys, do you want a beer?”
“Hmmm, I don’t feel like having a beer”, one of the friends replied.“Ok, so a Gin & Tonic?”
… I tried the usual sequence.
“Why do I have to jump from beer to Gin Tonic every time. Wish I had more options when I don’t feel like having a beer.”

And there it was. The moment of realization.

I thought to myself, it’s true, we don’t really have many options in the sparkling and refreshing alcohol category.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tasty, super refreshing drink, made of quality ingredients? Something new and unique. Something you can drink all night.

Fast forward a few years, this idea kept appearing in front of me every time I saw someone wondering what to drink. In a bar, at home, in a club. It felt like we always must drink the same things.

My wife Erika got excited about the idea too and we finally decided to start looking for a drink that could solve this problem. A drink that would give people a new experience. A tasty and quality alternative in the refreshing low alcoholic category.

I spoke about it with some of my best friends, and soon two of them joined this crazy project.

A married couple and bunch of amazing friends, all working corporate jobs, trying to craft a new drink. What a ride.

Where I come from, we have this very popular drink that people drink during its season. It’s called young wine.

Lightly sparkling, with about 5% alcohol, but still fermenting. So it’s shelf life is about 3 days…yes, I mean after 3 days, you can throw it away. People basically drink it during September and October on wine festivals, just after the grapes are picked and pressed.

So the idea was there. This drink became our starting point.

We always knew we wanted our drink to be based on wine. We found wine-based drinks to have a little more character than hard seltzers. Maybe because of our European tasting buds?

We did not even realize it back then, but we discovered a new category of drinks:





What Erika, my friends and I wanted from the beginning was a quality drink. Something we can be proud of and happy to drink ourselves. Anytime.

So we travelled to the country that is famous for its Spritz culture to find the best quality wines for our dream drink: Italy.

We visited plenty of winemakers, tried countless wines and finally sourced the ones that fit so well with our future spritzer.

Great, we have the wines covered. So, then the next question came, “OK, so what are we going to blend this great wine with to make our unique, dream spritzer?”

As always, we started to experiment.
We knew we wanted to find a surreal taste, but strictly using only transparent natural ingredients.


of ingredients passed through our palettes &
the palettes of our friends.

And after 5 full years of development, we achieved the refined taste we were looking for.

We found the perfect combination of herbs that connect well together to create the new refreshing experience.

deMagdo spritzer was born.

Enjoy it with your loved ones, alone, or whomever you wish. Simply enjoy the moment.

deMagdo got you covered during the day & night. Anytime.

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