deMagdo Spritzers are carefully crafted blend of natural flavors, mixed with Italian wine that will uplift your social drinking with a new level. Best enjoyed cold with your favourite people on any occasion. 

Whenever you feel like socialising or just enjoying your own peace and quiet. Day & night. Any occasion. (Just not if you are pregnant, or when you are driving. Also, not for you if you’re not 18+).

Cans are more environmentaly responsible than glass bottles. Cans are also cool. And easy to carry anywhere.

deMagdo is a Swiss brand born in Geneva. Our spritzers are produced and bottled by top-class contract partners in Germany.

deMagdo’s ingredients are simple: Italian wine (Glera / Sangiovese), water, natural flavours of sunflower petals / beetroot, cane sugar, tartaric acid and bubbles. 

Are you worried about sugar? deMagdo Spritzers have less sugar than the ordinary Spritz on the market, less sugar than typical cider or other ready-to-drink cocktails, and about the same level as traditional Gin & Tonic.

SUN Spritzer has 5g of cane sugar per 100ml.

EARTH Spritzer has 6g of cane sugar per 100ml.

Nope, no malt, no spirits, and 100% gluten free. The alcohol is 100% Italian wine.
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