Discover our journey

At deMagdo, we’re on a mission to reshape the drinking experience.
We stand for better drinking.

Born from a vision shared by Erika and Daniel (the “Magdos”), and their two closest friends Martin and Rado, our journey began with a simple question:

Wouldn’t you want to have a genuinely natural and delightful, refreshing low alcoholic drink?

As Daniel recounts the moment, ‘it was late afternoon, and the group debated their drink of choice.

“Shall we go for a beer?”

I proposed, only to meet reluctance from one friend. “Not feeling beer today”. “Perhaps Gin & Tonic then, or a glass of wine?”, I followed the usual script.

But the response sparked something profound.

“Why must our choices sway between beer and the usual suspects? I need more,” the friend replied aloud. And just like that, a realization dawned upon us – there’s a gap in the market for a truly refreshing, sparkling drink crafted from the finest natural ingredients that isn’t full of artificial ingredients and flavors. 

A drink we could enjoy all evening, guilt-free.

Over the years, this idea continued to resurface, echoing in the moments when people sought alternative drinks in bars, at home, or in clubs. Erika, our two friends, and I felt the excitement brewing, and we knew we had to act. Thus, the journey to craft beverages that transcend convention and elevate the drinking experience commenced.

Drawing inspiration from the rich legacy of the wine spritzer – a beloved cocktail from the bygone era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, we embarked on our quest. We aimed not only to honor its tradition, but to reimagine it, infusing it with our passion for quality and innovation.

From the outset, our vision was clear – to create beverages that represent natural excellence, made from premium ingredients we’re proud to indulge ourselves in. It wasn’t easy, but after years of dedication, we’ve achieved something remarkable.

Crafted with care, our spritzers blend fine single-varietal wines from traditional wine growing regions in Italy (IGP wines), with pure alpine water sourced from the Swiss Alps, complemented by locally-sourced herbal extracts and fruit juices from across Switzerland and Europe.

Indulge in the unparalleled taste of our spritzers – a testament to our journey, a celebration of nature, and a toast to better drinking. At deMagdo, the journey is as enriching as the destination. 

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