Change lives with safe water

Each can of deMagdo spritzer you enjoy means that you helped provide one month of access to safe water to someone in need. 

How do we do it?

We support renowned water charity and automatically donate a portion of deMagdo’s selling price to them. helps people living in poverty get lasting access to safe water and sanitation at home. 

They partner with financial institutions in the 11 countries where they work who provide small, affordable loans for water and sanitation to families in need.

People in need use these small, affordable loans to put a water tap or toilet in their home, and they utilize local resources to do the work.

This solution solves a family’s immediate need for safe water and costs less than continuing to pay in time and/or money for temporary fixes. ​Every repaid loan can be lent to another family in need of safe water or sanitation.

Donations to help set up this system and support the financial partners to establish water and sanitation loans as a product they offer.

This support includes technical assistance, program development, training, and monitoring & evaluation.

These partners then tap into existing capital sources to unlock funding for the loans.

As of May 2023, has helped reach more than 55 million people with access to safe water or sanitation. To see the latest impact and countries where they work, visit

Our Impact |

How 1 can = 1 month of safe water

For every can sold, deMagdo donates 2 cents USD to which helps provide 1 month of access to safe water to someone in need.

This is based on ’s current cost of $5 to provide one person with long-term access to safe water or sanitation through their programs. On average, these water and sanitation improvements will last 20 years.

Learn more about their cost-per-person here.

What happens after one month? Is the water shut off? ’s solutions are long-term.

Installing a water tap or rain catchment system provides long-term access to safe water, and your purchase helps make that possible. We understand that sometimes it’s meaningful for people to see the impact of their purchases, so we mention the small increment to show the impact of a donation per purchase.

Collectively though, deMagdo’s contributions to are helping people get access to safe water long-term.

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